Elope (Get Married!) in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, the Eastside, Snohomish and Washington State!

Elope (Get Married!) in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, the Eastside, Snohomish and Washington State!

Getting You “Married” ~ Elegant, Easy & Fun!

You want to elope in Seattle, Tacoma or somewhere special in Washington State! As a non-denominational Wedding Officiant & Celebrant, I will create and officiate your fun, engaging and memorable “elopement” or small and intimate wedding ceremony ~ whether this is today, tomorrow, next week or next month.

As a Wedding Officiant & Celebrant working throughout Seattle, Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest, I work with couples of all faiths and traditions to craft and deliver a sweet, elegant and fun ceremony that celebrates a loving partnership – whether your guest list is two witnesses or 20 of your closest family and friends.

Whether you are to be married waterside, in a chapel, at friend’s home, at the base of a mountain or at the corner of 83rd and Greenwood in Seattle, I can make your elopement wish come true.

In this work that I do, my style is inclusive, unstuffy, creative, personalized and fun. For fun, I do not jump out of anything. I do not wear scuba gear and I do not do any ceremony naked. Other than that, I’m open. So, Elope  ~ Seattle Style!

A Smaller Wedding in Seattle, Puget Sound & Washington State, During Covid-19, with Officiant Annemarie Juhlian

Getting married during the time of Covid-19, in Seattle or surrounding Puget Sound areas, is crazy, for sure.

As I write this, on September 30, 2020, a couple can have up to 30 guests for a wedding ceremony in Washington State, and there are restrictions for a wedding party/reception.

As we move into the Fall 2020, weddings will move from outside to inside, following the social distancing requirements of the State of Washington.

And with all of this crazy, LOVE RULES.  Step by step, couples are figuring things out, and deciding what is right and true for them as they plan out a 2020 wedding day.

My couples are getting beautifully married, in small and intimate wedding ceremonies, at some really cool and fun places.  The heart of a wedding day, the ceremony, is a centerpiece for many of my couples, and we take the time to celebrate a love story and the elation to share in a lifetime partnership.

If you’d like to learn more about getting married, a small and intimate ceremony, or an elopement (there is a difference), I am here.


Elope Seattle. Getting Married During Summer 2020, With The Crazy Covid-19 & More…

It’s super simple and super complicated at the same time.

You love each other so very much.  You desire to marry.

And you have to navigate the restrictions and Governor’s mandate for Covid-19, in the State of Washington.

If you are seeking to be married in a sweet and intimate wedding ceremony, during this summer of 2020, do it.

You will need a valid Washington State Marriage License, 2 witnesses over the age of 18, a lovely location/venue, and someone to marry you.

If you desire to elope, or seek to be married with a small guest list (adhering to guidelines), let’s talk.  I can help you with details, give you ideas and make all of this easy and fun.



Photo:  Anita Nowacka