Olly + Kelli at Alderbrook Resort, Union – A Sweet & Intimate Ceremony for 2!

Olly and Kelli

Olly + Kelli = Roadtrip!

It was so very fun for me to travel to Alderbrook Resort on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago all dressed up for a wedding!

The couple – Olly and Kelli – had spent an intimate weekend at this wonderful Resort on Hood Canal and at the high hour of 10 a.m., they exchanged vows waterside with two witnesses from the Resort.

It was very taken with the vows that Olly and Kelli exchanged – heartfelt, tearful, sweet and very thoughtful. 

And there was a light moment when two ducks started to “quack” quite loudly, most probably in celebration!

Olly and Kelli – I wish you a blessed and very happy married life together!