A Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Elopement in Seattle, Puget Sound & Washington State: WHAT TO KNOW…

It’s Fall 2021!  The colors are changing, the air is crisp and lovers desire to be married.

If you are seeking a true elopement, (a couple of guests, tops), and just a bit of planning, or a small and intimate ceremony, (more guests, more planning), you have all sorts of options to be married in Seattle/Puget Sound area/Washington State

Of course, there is the crazy Covid-19.  With this, each venue, hotel, bed and breakfast and rental has their own mandates for health and safety.  Working with safety guidelines as most weddings are now inside, you can have a beautiful ceremony and celebration, and create your legacy wedding day story.

For all of this, you will need a valid Washington State Marriage License, 2 witnesses over the age of 18, a location/venue, and someone lovely to marry you.

Whether you are going to snuggle into a bed and breakfast in Seattle, get married in the leaves in Leavenworth, seek out a ferry wedding from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island, or escape to Bellingham, you have all sorts of gorgeous possibilities for your elopement or small/intimate wedding ceremony.

And you can take a page from the joyful Matt and Cassandra, (featured photo), who eloped from abroad to be married in Seattle last month!

If I can be helpful, I am here.