A Most Elegant “Elopement” for Jeremy and Chontelle at The Salish Lodge…

Some elopements are quick and easy.  Some are full of plans and months of anticipation. JeremyChontelleDegler2

While Jeremy and Chontelle’s wedding day was a most elegant and formal affair this past Saturday evening at The Salish Lodge, in some ways you could say it was an “elopement.”

Jeremy and Chontelle and their family and friends all flew in from different places around the United States for the festivities.  Salish Lodge and Catering/Events Manager, Erin Haldi, stepped in to insure that all wedding day and weekend details were attended to – in other words, Jeremy and Chontelle were fully taken care of in all ways.

So, elopements or perhaps “small/intimate weddings” all looks and feel different.  While “traveling to a place to get married” may technically tie to the elopement definition, today’s couple is changing things up with contemporary ceremony and celebration touches.