Seattle’s Volunteer Park ~ A Sweet Spot For An Intimate Elopement!

Posted on November 5, 2010 by Annemarie

Bryce & Irene ~ 2010

Seattle’s Volunteer Park is a beautiful spot for a sweet and intimate ceremony.

Bryce and Irene were married under a very old and huge tree in the back of the Park’s Seattle Asian Art Museum ~ surrounded by a few close family and friends.

I love small wedding ceremonies.  Don’t get me wrong ~ the “big ones” are super fun, amazing and often, over-the-top. 

And eloping – getting hitched – getting it done – just doing it – in a magical place with 2 people or 20 folks is what resonates with many loving couples.

So, if you’re in Seattle and searching for a place for a ceremony or are driving/flying in to “elope,” check out Volunteer Park.  It’s one of my most favorite parks in Seattle to get hitched!

Elope To Seattle! Getting Hitched At Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel

Posted on October 31, 2010 by Annemarie

Robb and Ann ~ October 2010

Robb and Ann traveled from California to Seattle’s Alaskan Way to be married waterside at one of the Northwest’s iconic landmark hotels – The Edgewater!

A small and mighty group of family and friends traveled in from different parts to join this wonderful couple for their early Friday evening ceremony.  As the sun began to set over the sound, Robb and Ann exchanged beautiful and personal vows – with a Seattle – Bainbridge Island ferry in the background.

Robb and Ann ~ thank you for giving me the marvelous opportunity to “get you hitched” and to be a part of your wedding day!

Kier Smith at First Light Photography is solely and personally responsible for the gorgeous photo at the right!

Getting Hitched “Mariner Style!” ~ Andy & Abby’s Elopement At The Glove!

Posted on October 27, 2010 by Annemarie

Andy & Abby ~ SAFECO FIELD 2010

Andy and Abby got married to a big round of applause by dozens of happy Mariners Fans on a sunny day outside of SAFECO Field in front of the “Glove.”

I met Andy and Abby across the street in the lobby of the Silver Cloud Hotel and we walked to the Glove and in the craziness of a baseball loving crowd, we got this sweet couple married!

Andy and Abby ~ I wish you much happiness and many baseball games, together!  ~ Annemarie

Doug and Theresa Elope To Orcas Island, Washington!

Posted on October 8, 2010 by Annemarie

Doug and Theresa’s elopement was a truly an over-the-top event!  Yes, I finally got this wonderful couple married but it took quite the effort.

You see, I was scheduled to fly from Seattle to Orcas on a seaplane to marry them on a fine Sunday evening.  I had the ticket, I was packed for an overnight – fun, right?

Well, what we didn’t expect was wind and gusty rain which cancelled all flights for the afternoon out of Lake Union.  I had to scramble fast to catch a ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Island which involved an unexpected 2-hour drive from Seattle.  I made it onto the Anacortes-Orcas Island ferry with minutes to spare and once on Orcas, found my way to the sweet Outlook Inn.  I was late ~ I was happy ~ I was there!  So very fun in all ways.

Doug and Theresa ~ thank you again for giving me the most most marvelous opportunity to share in your wedding day, Orcas Island style!