A Seattle Park ~ A Perfect Place For A Small & Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Posted on December 8, 2010 by Annemarie

Chris & Stephanie ~ Gasworks Park, Seattle, WA

Chris and Stephanie were married near the water at Seattle’s Gasworks Park, surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends.

Gasworks Park is one of many Seattle parks that give couples lots of choices for a small wedding ceremony and/or elopement.
And look at the smiles at the right !  This was after a boat filled with couple cheered at the end of Chris and Stephanie’s ceremony ~ and came to the edge of the grass to give the couple a bottle of wine!
My best to you, Chris & Stephanie! 

The Tiny Wedding Ceremony ~ Why Going “Just Us” Really Works!

Posted on November 29, 2010 by Annemarie

A Sweet & Intimate Ceremony ~ Jim and Holly

Jim and Holly found a perfect place for their sweet and intimate waterside wedding ceremony ~ a friend’s deck overlooking the water in Des Moines, WA.

Sometimes, a tiny wedding just works and for all the right reasons.  I love weddings of all sizes and the small ceremony is a favorite of mine because most often it is the most intimate of experiences. If you are planning a “tiny ceremony,” do take the time to create poignant vows and to create a moment that hopefully will take your breath away!
Beautiful Photo:  Sean Werner ~ www.weddingphotog.com

Seattle’s Volunteer Park ~ A Sweet Spot For An Intimate Elopement!

Posted on November 5, 2010 by Annemarie

Bryce & Irene ~ 2010

Seattle’s Volunteer Park is a beautiful spot for a sweet and intimate ceremony.

Bryce and Irene were married under a very old and huge tree in the back of the Park’s Seattle Asian Art Museum ~ surrounded by a few close family and friends.

I love small wedding ceremonies.  Don’t get me wrong ~ the “big ones” are super fun, amazing and often, over-the-top. 

And eloping – getting hitched – getting it done – just doing it – in a magical place with 2 people or 20 folks is what resonates with many loving couples.

So, if you’re in Seattle and searching for a place for a ceremony or are driving/flying in to “elope,” check out Volunteer Park.  It’s one of my most favorite parks in Seattle to get hitched!

Doug and Theresa Elope To Orcas Island, Washington!

Posted on October 8, 2010 by Annemarie

Doug and Theresa’s elopement was a truly an over-the-top event!  Yes, I finally got this wonderful couple married but it took quite the effort.

You see, I was scheduled to fly from Seattle to Orcas on a seaplane to marry them on a fine Sunday evening.  I had the ticket, I was packed for an overnight – fun, right?

Well, what we didn’t expect was wind and gusty rain which cancelled all flights for the afternoon out of Lake Union.  I had to scramble fast to catch a ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Island which involved an unexpected 2-hour drive from Seattle.  I made it onto the Anacortes-Orcas Island ferry with minutes to spare and once on Orcas, found my way to the sweet Outlook Inn.  I was late ~ I was happy ~ I was there!  So very fun in all ways.

Doug and Theresa ~ thank you again for giving me the most most marvelous opportunity to share in your wedding day, Orcas Island style!