Doug and Theresa Elope To Orcas Island, Washington!

Doug and Theresa’s elopement was a truly an over-the-top event!  Yes, I finally got this wonderful couple married but it took quite the effort.

You see, I was scheduled to fly from Seattle to Orcas on a seaplane to marry them on a fine Sunday evening.  I had the ticket, I was packed for an overnight – fun, right?

Well, what we didn’t expect was wind and gusty rain which cancelled all flights for the afternoon out of Lake Union.  I had to scramble fast to catch a ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Island which involved an unexpected 2-hour drive from Seattle.  I made it onto the Anacortes-Orcas Island ferry with minutes to spare and once on Orcas, found my way to the sweet Outlook Inn.  I was late ~ I was happy ~ I was there!  So very fun in all ways.

Doug and Theresa ~ thank you again for giving me the most most marvelous opportunity to share in your wedding day, Orcas Island style!