Elope Seattle 2022: Plan, Enjoy and Remember Your Elopement…the Greater Puget Sound & Washington State

There is so much joy in an elopement.

A true elopement provides a loving couple the opportunity to snuggle into the possibility of a wedding day and celebration that is distinctly about them and their relationship.

Most often, an elopement is planned in only a week to a few weeks.  Sometimes, such a lifetime moment is planned months out.  There is no right or wrong, only what you want and desire for your wedding day.

As you figure out what you desire for all of this, travel around my website.

You’ll find distinctions for a true elopement, a small and intimate wedding ceremony and something bigger.

I outline what it takes to set all of this up, including how to secure your Washington State Marriage License, 2 witnesses over the age of 18, a venue/location, the ‘Officiant thing,’ and much more.

If I can be helpful, I am here.

Onward to 2022!




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photo:  Clinton James