My Top 3 Tips For A Successful & Happy Elopement in Seattle!

You’ve decided to elope.  Whether this is to/in Seattle or elsewhere, here are my three top tips for a happy and successful elopement.

1)  One Stop Shopping.  Consider eloping to a “place” where you can also celebrate and/or stay overnight.  In the Seattle area, consider The Salish Lodge, Willows Lodge, Bacon Mansion, to name a few.  By selecting accommodations that also offer a unique venue for your ceremony and celebration/overnight, it makes life easy!

2)  Invest In An Affordable Photographer.  Splurge on photos.  You’ll have them for life and you’ll be glad you did.

3)  Get Hitched “Your Way” – What do I mean by this?  If you want to get married in a hot air balloon, do it.  If you want to share your joy with 10 of your closest people on the beach, do it.  If you want to exchange vows at an Abbey, do it.  If you desire to be married at the top of the Space Needle, do it! Create a memory for life doing it your way.