Plan Your Elopement in Seattle/Tacoma!

Plan Your Elopement in Seattle/Tacoma!

Fun, Easy and Memorable!

It’s easy to elope in Washington State!

Whether you live in the area, are flying in to get married before a cruise to Alaska or are taking a plane, train or road trip from your hometown to get married in our beautiful State, let’s have some fun getting you married!

I love working with a couple to create a memorable “once-in-lifetime” wedding experience.  It’s important for me to not only capture the joy that one feels in getting married but to deliver a ceremony that recognizes the weight of what is happening – a loving choice for life. I will gather a little personal information from both of you and will work to lightly personalize your ceremony so you don’t have a “blah, blah, blah,” and or “boring” ceremony experience!

An elopement is all about the “joy.”  So, let’s raise the “joy bar” and get creative together.  We’ll talk date, location, ceremony elements and attend to any personal details.  There are important steps you need to get you “legal” and to secure a marriage license – please see below.

If I can be helpful in any way, don’t hesitate to call me at 425.922.1325 or drop me an email.  I’m here to answer your elopement questions, to offer counsel on “when and where,” and to be a resource for anything you may need – photographer, florist, hotel, etc.

“Legal Stuff”

Plan your Elopement! It’s simple. To elope, you will need :

  • Your marriage license
  • two witnesses over the age of 18
  • and hopefully, me!

If you don’t have witnesses, I can arrange for two people to join you for your wedding ceremony. Trust me, I’m full of wonderful and fun ideas!

Marriage license: For information on obtaining a marriage license, please go to FAQ’s.

Fee For Services

My fee varies a bit depending on what you want and desire for your elopement ceremony. On average, my fee ranges from $250 – $450. This also includes travel to/from the location of your wedding ceremony within the Seattle area. Travel to Tacoma and areas outside of Puget sound is a bit extra.

Elopement is Easy and FunYes, I’m a bit untraditional in that I will collect personal information and lightly personalize your wedding ceremony. I can’t imagine how boring it would be to officiate the same ‘ol, same ‘ol ceremony over and over again. So, I get a little personal detail from you to best celebrate your loving relationship and wedding day.

I welcome your call today at 425.922.1325, send an email or complete this easy form for a speedy reply.

Testimonials ~ Kudos – Applause!

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