Planning Your Late Summer Elopement in the Seattle, Washington Area: Updates & Your Best ‘To-Do’s.’

It’s Monday, August 9th.

I enjoyed a beautiful weekend of weddings with beautiful couples.

Before I go take some time for rest and play today, here are a few things to share, especially for couples who are planning an upcoming elopement or small/intimate wedding ceremony, in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, during the later time of Summer ’21.

Things are open for weddings, an elopement or small and intimate wedding ceremony.  Make your plans, enjoy the freedom of this time to be creative, and to invite as many people are you like to your festivities.

Know as we move into the Fall of 2021, that guidance from the Governor’s office may change for events, and this includes weddings.  Nobody knows.  Updated guidance/restrictions are possible and this would effect wedding planning, small and big.

Many venues/location this Summer/Fall of 2021 are fully booked.  Consider holding your wedding on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for best availability and pricing.

A wedding is one day. A marriage can be a zillion days.  Keep things in perspective and know that it is such a privilege and opportunity to love and be loved.

If I can assist you with your elopement or small/intimate wedding ceremony, I am here.