FAQ’s: Everything You Need to Know to Elope Seattle Style!

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Good question! It’s an easy process. You need your happy selves, two witnesses over the age of 18, a valid marriage license and your Officiant.


I am available weekdays and weekends for your elopement. Please call/text 425.922.1325 or email here for my availability. I am often available same day, next day or next week/month!

Easy! Once you decide to elope, you’ll need:

  • An Officiant
  • Valid Washington State Marriage License
  • Two Witnesses
  • Location

Each couple is very different. So with this said, fees vary. During any given month, I am officiating elopements which most often range from $250 – $450 for services in the Greater Seattle area. I request a travel fee for areas outside of the central Seattle/Eastside area. Once I know exactly what you want/need, I can offer a quote for my time/service.

If you’d like to take a peak at what people have to say about me, I invite you to check out my “reviews” on Wedding Wire.


Legal Stuff: The bride and groom need not be residents, but both must be present at the town or municipal hall when applying for the marriage license, and be 18 years or older. No appointment is necessary and no blood tests are required, but there is a three-day waiting period.

Bring current photo ID and know your social security numbers. You also should know the birth state or country of both parents.

If either party has been married previously, proof of death or divorce is not required, but the final divorce decree must have been filed. The license is for marriage only in Washington State, and it costs (bring cash) between $42 and $64 or more (nonrefundable), and is valid for 60 days.

Have your wedding on the side of a mountain, on an Island or perhaps in front of a cozy fireplace at an Inn. What about on a Washington State ferry, at a museum, at a dear friend’s home, in a hot air balloon or at the place you first met? Of course, I’m biased ~ come to Seattle and take advantage of our gorgeous landscape, fun places and warm and welcoming city!

Eloping is all about creating an intimate ceremony moment with just the two of you, a couple of witnesses or perhaps a select list of loved family/friends. Get creative with this opportunity ~ have fun!

I request a signed agreement and your fee to book your wedding day/time. I will send a full email confirmation letter and all pieces/documents to begin our work together. We’ll meet on your wedding date and get you married – elegantly and easily!

Of course, I am available for questions or advice via phone at 425.922.1325 or email anytime.

You may pay by check or credit card.

Absolutely. Your wedding ceremony should say all of the right things, the way you want them said, period. When the words of your ceremony personally express and capture the special love you have for each other, a ceremony becomes a powerful statement for your new life together.

Yes. I feel very strongly about including your child(ren) and special family members in your ceremony and often have ideas and suggestions for your wedding ceremony.

Since this is your wedding, it can include all of the aspects of ceremony and celebration that are meaningful to you. If you like, you can work with me to incorporate intimate and memorable rituals into your ceremony.

We will sign your legal documents immediately after your wedding ceremony. I will file all legal paperwork for you with the County Auditor.

Sign the same name that is on your marriage license. You may begin using your new name after this!

I will always dress elegantly and appropriately for a ceremony. I’ve worn everything from an elegant and fancy outfit to jeans! My goal is to blend in, not stick out. Mostly, I’m big on neutral colors so I don’t stand out, pearls and elegant pant-suits and beautiful scarves/shawls.

Create a Moment
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Yes, I’ve been many places, from the back yard to the beach to the mountains to a covered bridge. It’s your wedding and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes, traditional or unique.

To contact Annemarie, please email here, use the purple button below for a speedy reply or call/text me at 425.922.1325.

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Special Note/Disclaimer: This page on Washington State elopements is a guide only. Prices for these Washington wedding packages as well as requirements for marriages in Washington State can change.

Please consult with suppliers and official agencies before making any purchases or set arrangements.