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All Things Wedding Ceremony. What You Need to Know…

An elopement, a true elopement, is a ceremony for ‘2’.  An officiant, two witnesses, a marriage license, and a location (often a hotel, park, or home) are all that is required.

Planning is easy.  1) Secure a date, time, and location. 2) Secure an Officiant.  3) Apply for and obtain a valid Washington State Marriage License. 4) Confirm the attendance of 2 witnesses, 18 years of age or older. 5) Show up on your wedding day, with your marriage license paperwork and get hitched!

A true elopement is a wedding ceremony for a couple and 2 witnesses. 

A small wedding ceremony includes a little more planning and often includes up to 15 guests.  For more information, go to Ceremony Options & Info.

I hope I am available for your desired date/time and location! But, if I am booked, and if you are flexible, we can find a date and time that works. I am open to requests that are last minute, same week, current/next month and beyond.  Please call or text 425.922.1325 for availability and to get on my calendar.  Or complete this easy form for a prompt reply.

For more information on planning your elopement, or small and intimate wedding ceremony, go to Ceremony Options & Info.

Your short list of to do’s, depending on what you have in mind for your ceremony, includes:

  • Securing a valid Washington State Marriage License
  • 2 witnesses, 18 years or older
  • Location/venue
  • An Officiant
  • Other considerations: Photographer, Florist, Celebration Meal, Hotel, Travel Accommodations and more.

My Officiant fee varies and depends on the scope and details of your wedding ceremony. My fee ranges from $250 to $650, for a true elopement or small wedding ceremony.  Something bigger is quoted on an individual basis.  Note: Travel fees may apply.

You may select from 3 wedding ceremony options:

True Elopement

Small and Intimate

Something Bigger & Beyond


My fee for services includes:

  • Your ceremony, written light personalization and special touches to reflect who you are as a couple, to capture the moment in a meaningful way, and of course…to ensure you are legally married!
  • Travel to/from your wedding location and arriving early to coordinate pre-ceremony details to ensure an easy and elegant start to your ceremony.
  • Of course, included is officiating your ceremony (yes!), and submitting your signed legal paperwork to the County for formal recording.
  • Plus, as a bonus, you have access to me for guidance, best ideas and vendor referrals for location/venue, celebration meals, photographer, florist, hotel/rentals and more.
  • For more information, go to Fees & Services.

I request a signed Agreement and non-refundable $250 deposit to formally reserve your date/time with me.  To tie this all together, you will receive a full email confirmation and attached documents to begin our work together.  If your ceremony is booked less than 90 days out, full payment is requested at the time of booking.

Of course, I am available for questions or counsel, via phone or text, at 425.922.1325 or email anytime.

You may pay by check, money order, certified check, or credit card.

To learn more about what couples say about working with me, please go to Reviews.

See below to find out more about securing a valid Washington State marriage license, from these 5 popular Counties:

Note:  A marriage license obtained in any county in the Washington State is valid in all counties.

We will sign your legal documents immediately after your wedding ceremony.  I will file all legal paperwork for you with the appropriate County Auditor.

For more information, go to Marriage License.

For more information on how to embellish your wedding day, go to Fun Ideas.

An elopement or small wedding ceremony is all about creating a special lifetime moment with only the 2 of you and your witnesses, or a short list of beloved people. It is about getting creative, honoring your personal values, and having fun.

Enjoy your wedding ceremony on the side of a mountain, on an island, or perhaps in front of a cozy fireplace at an inn.  What about on a Washington State Ferry, at a museum, at a dear friend’s home, in a hot air balloon, or at the place you first met? 

Absolutely!  Your wedding is about all the right words, words that try to express the breadth and depth of your love and commitment.  I can offer you examples of vows that have had enduring meaning for other couples that might inspire you, but often the most beautiful vows are original thoughts, written from the heart, and even on the back of an envelope!  


I strongly encourage including your child(ren) and special family members in your ceremony, and I can suggest ideas several ways you might do this.  This is your wedding, and it should include all elements of ceremony and celebration that are meaningful to you.  If you like, you can work with me to incorporate intimate and memorable rituals (secular, non-denominational or religious), into your ceremony.


It depends on if your affair is casual or formal, by the water, or held in a more traditional setting.  I will always dress appropriately for a ceremony, and I have worn everything from an elegant outfit to jeans. My goal is to blend in, and not stick out.  Mostly, I am big on neutral colors, pearls, elegant black pantsuits, and beautiful scarves and shawls.


Yes. Of course!  Whatever you may need.  I can offer referrals to photographers, florists, hotels, celebration meal restaurants, make-up and hair, overnight accommodation and more.  I do not get a financial kick-back from any referral, only happy couples.

Special Note/Disclaimer: This page on Washington State elopements and small and intimate wedding ceremonies is a guide only. Prices for Washington wedding ceremony packages, as well as requirements for marriages in Washington State, can change. Please consult with suppliers and official agencies before making any purchases or set arrangements.

Annemarie Juhlian, Seattle Wedding Officiant
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Annemarie Juhlian is a Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant & Minister based in the Seattle area. She creates personalized wedding ceremonies for couples of all beliefs, paths and traditions.