2 Fabulous Women. A Marriage License. And a Very Big Ferry Boat!

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Annemarie

Donna + Karen.

Meet 2 fabulous ladies from Missouri who “eloped” to Seattle to be married on a Washington State ferry on one gorgeous April Monday afternoon!

Accompanied by 6 very happy family and friends, Donna and Karen exchanged beautiful and personal vows on the front of the ferry as it sailed away from the Seattle dock to Bainbridge Island.  And under a glorious canopy of sunshine and gentle wind, Donna and Karen were beautifully married, celebrating more than 14 years of loving partnership.

Congratulations to 2 beautiful ladies!  Come back and visit soon!

Andrew and Jenny’s “Washington State Ferry” Elopement – So Much Fun!

Posted on July 2, 2012 by Annemarie

Andrew + Jenny.

This romantic and devoted couple from Massachusetts decided to elope to the Puget Sound and within just a week, made plans for a Washington State ferry wedding.

I joined this dynamic duo and Seattle Photographer, Jenny GG, on board the Bainbridge Island – Seattle ferry run on Friday, June 29th – and with the Seattle skyline in the background, Andrew and Jenny got “hitched” ferry style!

Like Andrew and Jenny, if you’d like to get married on a Washington State Ferry, give me a call at 425.922.1325 or drop an email.  The process is fun, easy and creates such a memorable lifetime moment!

Andrew and Jenny – go have a beautiful marriage adventure!

Photo:  Jenny Goldberg-George – www.jennygg.com

Officiant:  Annemarie Juhlian – www.elopeseattlestyle.com

A Sweet Elopement On The Washington State Ferry And 100+ Guests!

Posted on March 15, 2012 by Annemarie

Peter and Julie.  A loving, devoted, fun, inspiring and gorgeous couple.

Julie’s Dad, who has since passed away, was a Captain on Washington State Ferries years.

Living on Bainbridge Island, Peter and Julie decided to “elope” on the 12:20 p.m. ferry to Seattle on a sunny Saturday, March 3rd.

They invited their their closest people.  They offered invitations to friends to join them – thinking few would show up.  Wrong!

100+ friends gathered to join the couple for their vows as the ferry made it’s way to Seattle.

Very fun.  Very Peter and Julie.  So happy to join in this wonderful life moment!

Annemarie Juhlian – www.marriedbyannemarie.com & www.elopeseattlestyle.com