Sand Between Your Toes For Your Elopement? 3 Easy Tips For A Seattle Beach Wedding Moment…

Posted on August 22, 2011 by Annemarie

Lots of couples say, “let’s elope” and do it by the water!

If you are having your sweet and intimate wedding ceremony on a beach (i.e., there may be sand between your toes!), here are few tips:

1)  No shoes/casual shoes – Depending on the weather and how casual you want to get, leave the fancy shoes at home and go barefoot or select an easy/casual shoe.  Trust me, when you are walking on sand, heels don’t work!

2)  Go For A Hidden Beach or Waterfront/View Area – Public beaches or parks are just fine and they are often very crowded during the summer months in Seattle.  Seek out those hidden gems like Colman Park on Lake Washington or Hamilton Viewpoint Park in West Seattle.

3)  Sign Your Legal Paperwork Before Your Ceremony – You most likely will want to take photos immediately after your vows and/or spend time with your Sweetie on the beach.  Plan to pre-sign your legal documents when you first meet your Officiant on this day – your Officiant will sign afterwards making everything legal and this way, you won’t have to sign legal docs in the sand!

Photo:  Jenny GG

Seattle’s Golden Gardens Park – Summer Time Tips For Your Intimate Ceremony

Posted on July 11, 2011 by Annemarie

Local couples love Golden Gardens park for a Summer wedding ceremony.  The park, grounds and the Bathhouse (reception building) all create a beautiful, fun and casual set-up for a wedding, small or large.

If you are thinking about Golden Gardens Park for your small and intimate ceremony this Summer, here are few tips to insure everything goes smoothly:

~ if you can, plan on getting hitched on Monday – Thursday.  The park is jammed on the weekends and parking is at a premium.  Weekdays are not as crazy and you have more privacy and less gawkers around.

~ if possible, get married before Noon in the Summer months.  The park is quieter at this time of day and you’ll have more opportunity to find a quiet spot for your ceremony.

~ you’ll need a permit for your ceremony (yes, you will!).  Contact the Seattle Parks Department and get legal!

Wonderful Photo at Golden