Cameron and Allison “Elope” To Snoqualmie Point Park!


This was just so much darn fun! I met Cameron and Allison on a rainy Friday evening to get them beautifully married in the very happy presence of their parents. Cameron and Allison chose Snoqualmie Point Park for the privacy and the beauty – the mountains are just gorgeous and the scenery is spectacular! While…

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Cameron and Alison Married At Snoqualmie Point Park!


We had sunshine, we had wind, we had rain – and we had a lot of LOVE! On Friday evening, May 12th, the sweetest couple exchanged the sweetest vows at one of my most favorite parks, Snoqualmie Point Park in Snoqualmie, WA. In the presence of their parents, Cameron and Alison, who have known each…

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Jason and Monica’s Intimate Ceremony at Snoqualmie Point Park

For me, a wedding ceremony is not about the size of a guest list. A wedding ceremony is a celebration of courage, perseverance, great love and devotion, anticipation, acceptance and so much more. Jason and Monica traveled from Texas to stay at The Salish Lodge and to be married at Snoqualmie Peak Park.  It was a picturesque evening…

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