Willie Gets An “A+” For Romance! A Surprise Wedding For 2 Beautiful People…

You’ve got to love a truly romantic guy. 

Willie contact me to help him pull off the surprise of all surprises – a surprise wedding ceremony and celebration!

This guy, with the biggest heart and with a lot of smart planning, pulled off a huge lifetime surprise for his Sweetheart, Tracy.  All of the details – from the dress to the bouquet to the venue to the dinner – all was so well planned and beautiful.

And Tracie?  She was…well, how do I delicately put this…blown away.  Truly.

These two have known each other for a long time and after a number of years were re-connected.  They have so much shared poignant life history and we celebrated this and more during a sweet and intimate ceremony this past Thursday on Alki Beach.

Love.  Love.  Love.  Photo:  www.jennygg.com